Ana M. Duarte Garcia

Ana Maria Duarte graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Business Administration at the Catholic University of Santo Domingo and earned a master’s degree in Management and Productivity at UNAPEC.

She has always been involved in social projects for underprivileged children and youth. At age 15 she began teaching English as a volunteer at the Community Center Café. In April 2010, she won a scholarship in the Intensive English Program granted by the US Embassy in Santo Domingo. It gave her the opportunity to study in an eight-week program at the University of Delaware, where she spent her time sharing with people from other cultures, improving her English language skills and developing social leadership.

Upon returning to the country, she established a public library in the community of Mina, in Herrera in Western Santo Domingo, receiving the support and donation of books from the Peace Corps and the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic. In 2010, along with other alumni, she created a successful school for languages (Creole, English and Spanish) located in the community of Almirante, this time in Eastern Santo Domingo.

In 2012, she submitted a project to an international competition called the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund with the “Social Inclusion and business development of the community of San Luis” project, being the first and only winner of this competition in the country. This grant was executed with great success and support of the people of the different communities that make up the Municipal District of San Luis.

In 2015, she joined the Fulbright RD Alumni Association, where she collaborated with alumni from the US embassy and created volunteer initiatives for development projects such as: Building Girl Life Project and Seeding Hope.

Today she is part of The Dream Project team in the A Ganar program. She works as a facilitator of professional development modules and provides support in administration and internship management.