Andréa Hector-Brown

Andréa Brown started playing piano when she was 3 years old and worked hard to become a professional at age 18, dedicating her life to playing and singing. She attended the University of Capilano where she studied music and learned to play the bass and cello. 

After graduation, she traveled coast to coast on tour with various groups. She was a finalist for Courtney Love’s band, “Hole”. 

As an associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music, she conducted The Hector Music School for 14 years in Vancouver, British Colombia using the Kodally Orff method of Montessori preschool. There she taught classical piano and prepared alumnus for 2 annual concerts, and exams for the Royal Conservatory of Music

With her musical experience, she was fortunate to write her own music for movies and television in Canada. She moved to the Dominican Republic in 2013, where she currently teaches music with the DREAM Project and performs at weekly restaurants and bars.