Héctor morales arteaga

Born in Maracaibo state Zulia, Venezuela he graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Catholic University Cecilio Acosta. During his time there he dove into the field of choir music, forming part of the Vocal Ensemble of Sacred Music. Later he composed and sang at the University of Zulia with Master Linda Marín Carpio. He has received a master classes of technique and interpretation from the first Venezuelan soprano Margot Pares Reyna, the tenor Robert Girón, and the Cuban soprano Saylí Perez Head of string of the Tenors of the Symphonic Chorus of the Zulia State from 2010 to 2018.

He is a founding member of the Cantat Vocal group directed by Maestro Juan Carlos Bersague, with whom he has participated in festivals and competitions in several states of Venezuela as well as in Brazil and Cuba. He was Director of the Antonio Estévez Children's Choir of the José Luis Paz Conservatory of Music of the City of Maracaibo as well as professor of the chair of lyrical singing. 

He has participated in numerous choir symphonies as a choralist inside and outside the country and soloist in Mozart's Requiem, The 7 Words by T. Dubois, and in lyrical galas.

Héctor is very excited to be in charge of the choirs and singing classes at DREAM.