Juan Guivin

Music Teacher

Juan is a guitarist and music teacher from Lima, Perú.

He is the founder of the music program at The DREAM Project and currently a professor of musical interpretation for electrical bass, electric guitar and modern ensemble I-III.

Juan has been part of the team at DREAM since September of 2012 and helped launch the program with help from FEDUJAZZ, and has developed an educational program to use music as a tool for social change with Ramón Vázquez Martirena.

As a musician and educator, Juan has created a unique system for musical and instrumental development. He has provided instruction in methodology not only for musical appreciation, technique and improvisation, but also elements to offer opportunities for social change through the music program.

This work has been showcased in large events such as DR JAZZ FESTIVAL, WIMBASH, DREAM BURNCH, UTESA, JAZZ Day, HARD ROCK FESTIVAL among other important events in the Dominican Republic.

Juan Guivin started his studies in music in Lima, Perú and continued to the Dominican Republic at the prestigious school Jazz y Más, directed by Ania Paz and Gustavo Rodriguez.

He has been invited to professional development workshops at Berklee College of Music and has been mentioned on Berkleemusic.com for Jazz Guitar and Jazz Harmony.