Rethinking Service, by Nicki Fleischner

Rethinking Service

by Nicki Fleischner

One, two, three, GO!”
The whistle blew and the first round of campers was off. Half-walking, half running, they carefully balanced a Ping-Pong ball atop a paddle in their hands, eyes glued down in concentration. From the sidelines teammates cheered. “Faster!” “Almost there!” Members of the “Yellow Fish” jumped up and down. The “Green Snakes” crouched in nervous excitement.

The Ping-Pong Relay was a familiar Color War event for the Camp Scatico Counselors in Training (CITs). Summer after summer, the group of boys and girls had participated in countless Color War relays and races, soccer matches, and softball games. Like campers throughout the United States, they shared the unique bond of growing up while spending seven weeks each summer at Rethinking Service… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE (PDF).