Miguel Morales 

Venezuelan Trumpeter, born in Cantaura, Venezuela.

Miguel started studying choir in 2010, being part of the youth choir Cantaura he received classes with Adrián Orozco where he increased his training with the great masters such as: Rafael Silveira, Lamberto Piumi and Juan Carlos Bersagüe with which Miguel acquired the knowledge to perform classical, sacred and popular singing pieces.

In 2011, Miguel entered the choral laboratory directed by Lamberto Piumi, where he trained as a soloist and choir director. In that same year he participated in the Cantata Criolla in Caracas directed by Maestro Gustavo Dudamel, at the Inauguration of the Plaza Diego Ibarra.

As trumpeter Miguel started in 2012 as part of the Cantaura youth symphony orchestra, participated in different metal ensembles, performed pieces by great composers such as Antonio Estevez, Thaikovsky, Stravinsky, Malher, Shostacovish, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. Miguel performed in a series of tours by the State Anzoategui and Miranda and received classes with Maestro Juan Carlos Moyejas, first trumpet player of the Anzoátegui State.

In the year 2013 Miguel managed to enter the National Trumpet Academy in Venezuela, where he received classes with the masters Gaudy Sanchez, Wilfrido Galarraga, Leafar Rio Bueno and Roman Granda. In 2014, Miguel entered the Simón Bolívar Music Conservatory, received classes with Maestro Ricardo Osorio, took part in different orchestras, such as the Youth Symphony Orchestra Núcleo los Chorros and the Youth Symphony Orchestra Núcleo 23 de Enero.

 After arriving in Santo Domingo in 2017, Miguel continued his musical studies at the National Conservatory of Music and has formed part of the Roraima Symphony Orchestra in the trumpet line.

In the Fundación Fiesta Clásica, he holds the position of Professor of Theory and Solfege, Musical Kinder, Musical Initiation and French Horn.