Nirelis Esther Puello Ventura

Nirelis started working with DREAM in 2012 as a Deportes Para la Vida (DPV) trainer in the municipality of Guaymate in La Romana, a community to which she belongs. Previously, she was already working in a community group called Grupo Voluntarios de Guaymate. Since she was a teenager, she has always been interested in the social and educational field and because of that she had a long career doing community work and participating in different events as a youth leader.

In 2013, she joined the board committee of the Peace Corps’ Bright Girls program and held her position there for two years. In that same year, she worked as a coordinator for DPV in the eastern region of the country and a year later she participated in the Journalists of the Future project carried out by the eastern radio station COC.

In 2015, she participated in the Youth Leadership Camp in Medellin, Colombia with other young adults from different parts of Latin America. This event was held by the UNOSDP, which aimed to teach techniques to work with sports for development in an educational and inclusive manner. In 2016, she obtained her degree from Federico Henríquez and Carvajal University of La Romana and that same year she was hired by DREAM to work as the coordinator of the Unica Program for Women's Empowerment and Social Equality.