Rosario Placencio

Rosario Placencia is an education activist committed to defending the rights of children worldwide. Although originally from the Dominican Republic, she carried out her academic studies in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She graduated from the Sacred Heart University of Puerto Ricowith a B.A. in Psychology. She then obtained a Master's degree in Psychology from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico. During her academic studies,she developed a great passion and interest in the differences in how children learn, especiallyfascinated by holistic teaching methods and learning in natural environments. A voracious reader, she discovered the Montessori Method and was certified as a Montessori Teacher (AMI). Combining her knowledge in Psychology with the Montessori method, she has devoted herentire professional career to holistic educational interventions, respecting each child’s individualities.

She has worked in non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, in programs aimed at children with special needs.