Supply Donations

The DREAM Project accepts supply donations as well as monetary donations.


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Supply Wish List


We are happy to accept donations from visitors traveling to Cabarete, located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic (about a 25 minute drive from Puerto Plata Airport). Bring supplies directly to our office in Cabarete, located in Plaza Novus Mare, Local 11, 2nd floor, Carretera Cabarete, near the Ocean Dream plaza. You may also drop off donations at the DREAM Center, located in the Callejon de la Loma in Cabarete. If you prefer to leave donations at your resort, please contact the main office at 809-571-0497 to arrange for a pickup.


Unfortunately, DREAM is unable to travel to other areas of the country to pick up donations, such as Punta Cana. We recommend donating to Beyond the Beach or visiting The Family Travel Network for a list of charities working in Punta Cana or other areas. We do have a pickup location in Las Galeras. Email us for more information.

DREAM cannot accept donations that will require expensive shipping to the Dominican Republic due to the exorbitant fees and taxes required to get donations out of customs (making the donations usually cost more than they are worth). Supply donations may only be hand-delivered via flights or cruises to the Dominican Republic.


Educational supplies are our greatest need, but we will accept household goods, toys, clothing and shoes, as long as they are in good condition and can be sold at our flea market to raise funds for our programs.

Please do not donate the following:

  • Literature that is not in Spanish or Creole (please don’t donate books in English)
  • Literature that is above a sixth grade reading level
  • Damaged or unusable marker, crayon, and pencil sets
  • Candy


Random gift giving to children you do not personally know: This can foster an unhealthy dependency on foreign visitors, and can also cause infighting among their friends. Our children will learn that it is ok to accept gifts from strangers and in turn come to expect and demand these gifts.

Spontaneous school visits: Visiting schools unannounced disrupts classrooms and intrudes upon the learning environment. It is not fair to the children to have their schoolyards take on the appearance of tourist attractions.

Direct donations to schools: These often go unrecorded and never find their way into classrooms or the hands of the children who need them. Donations that are unaccounted for can be stolen for personal use, left unused or even thrown away. Instead, please bring donations directly to the DREAM office for cataloging and distribution.