Teacher Training and Professional Development

One of the most important factors for student learning is a qualified teacher. Many public school teachers in the Dominican Republic are unprepared to manage the significant teaching challenges that arise in under-resourced and overcrowded schools. As a result, student learning and engagement suffers.

Our Solution

Our teacher training and professional development programs ensure that teachers are equipped with innovative strategies, have access to other effective teachers, and receive the regular support that is critical to developing their skills as educators. DREAM’s teacher training programs target public school teachers, future teachers studying education, and current teachers in DREAM programs. Our programs use a combination of experiential learning, lesson modeling, workshops, and coaching to develop highly qualified teachers.

Our Impact

Teachers improve their professional performance in order to increase academic achievement among their students and foster critical thinking in their classrooms.

Our Objectives

  • Teachers learn and implement strategies to successfully manage student behavior and encourage active classroom participation.
  • Teachers use effective teaching strategies and instructional materials to improve student literacy.
  • Teachers use effective teaching strategies and instructional materials to improve student math skills.
  • Teachers implement diverse forms of assessment in order to measure student learning and modify instruction.


In-Service Professional Development

Throughout the academic school year, DREAM staff work with current public school teachers at local schools. Monthly workshops focus on specific teaching strategies and are held at various DREAM sites, including Cabarete, Abreu, Caraballo, and La Unión. Based on demand, select schools receive more intensive interventions where DREAM staff conducts weekly site visits. Visits include model lessons in reading and math that focus on specific strategies and activities that teachers can easily use in the future, the provision of resources to meet student needs, and the facilitation of weekly discussions to identify new areas for improvement.

Pre-Service Teacher Training (FUTUROS)

DREAM believes that exposure to innovative teaching strategies and real classroom experience should start at the beginning of a future teacher’s education. The pre-service teacher training program recruits education students from local universities to serve as student teachers for one semester in the Young Stars program. The program focuses on coaching to improve effective use of best-practice teaching strategies, improving teacher knowledge in math and literacy, and creating positive attitudes regarding the capacity of every student to learn. This program serves as an innovative model for preparing a new generation of quality public school teachers.

Intensive Professional Development (Summer Camp)

This intensive teacher professional development program is a major component of DREAM Summer Schools & Camps, and has been our premier teacher training program for many years. DREAM’s successful four-week academic camp serves more than 500 youth and has proven to be a prime opportunity for public school teachers to refine their skills. Experienced classroom teachers from around the world serve as professional development coaches who co-facilitate academic classes with local public school teachers. After a full week of orientation, teachers continue to receive weekly workshops, lesson planning support, and regular feedback through classroom observations and one-on-one meetings.