Volunteer Recruitment Guide

Help us recruit volunteers! Below you will find all the relevant information you will need, plus flyers, PowerPoint presentations, applications and more. Information is provided for next summer and academic year.

Visit your Spanish professors, study abroad advisers, career services and international centers to introduce them to DREAM, email your friends about the time you spent with DREAM, invite your Facebook friends to join our Facebook Page and sign up for our mailing list, run a booth at your college’s career fair, or arrange to present during one of your classes.

General Recruitment downloads:

Summer Camp:

Flyers: To place in study abroad offices, career services, etc.

Yearlong Volunteer Program:

Job Descriptions:

Flyers: To place in study abroad offices, career services, etc.


The DREAM Project
13 Winter Lane
Milton, VT 05468

Email: info@dominicandream.org

Phone: 607-216-4697

Fax: 815-550-1727

Time Commitment:

Summer Camp: June 25 – July 28, 2017

Yearlong: August 21, 2017 – August 10, 2018 OR January 8, 2018 – December 14, 2018

For year-long volunteers, there is no extra cost to stay and participate in the Summer Camp program at the beginning and/or end of the academic year.

Summer camp volunteers must commit to the full 5-week session. Yearlong volunteers must commit to 12 months.


Although Spanish fluency is not mandatory, an advanced knowledge of Spanish is required. The level of proficiency will be used to determine available placements. Spanish proficiency is a tremendous asset and native speakers are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadlines

Summer Camp: March 31, 2017

Academic School Year: April 30, 2017


  • FAQs (Summer Camp) To use as a reference when potential volunteers ask questions

  • FAQs (Year-long)

Program Costs

Summer Camp: $1,950 for the five-week program, FREE for experienced, certified teachers.

Academic Year: DREAM asks that each volunteer commit to fundraising a specific amount to cover their expenses, minus any fellowship funding provided by DREAM. The total cost to volunteer will be stated in your acceptance letter. The average costs to DREAM for supporting a volunteer in Cabarete (living in a studio apartment and receiving a monthly stipend) is $1,000/month.

Apply for a FELLOWSHIP here!

These costs include pickup and drop off at the Puerto Plata airport, accommodations in a studio apartment, meal stipend, all required training workshops, oversight at the local schools, volunteer cultural excursions, and a living stipend (which is allocated to cover expenses such as cell phone use, transportation to work sites, laundry, etc.). Volunteers will also receive a cell phone and a helmet, to be returned at the end of the program. Please note this fee does not include airfare or health insurance.

Volunteers are asked to fundraise and solicit grants to help cover the total cost. We have created a Volunteer Recource Guide to help volunteers look for funding. The DREAM Project does have a limited fellowship fund for those who qualify, as well as two full Dominican Heritage Scholarships for those of Dominican descent. To learn more, please visit our fellowship page. The costs may also be reduced based on further qualifications, such as a teaching certification and complete Spanish fluency. Please state on your application if you are teacher certified. The final fee must be paid in full to DREAM before your arrival in the Dominican Republic.