Are you ready for the most rewarding summer of your life?

Each year, DREAM recruits up to 50 volunteers from around the world to work in our annual Summer School and Camp program. Volunteers receive a full week of orientation before collaborating with local Dominican teachers and volunteers to lead the 4-week educational summer program for primary school youth.

Summer camp participants (ages 8-15) receive the individualized academic support, access to high quality learning materials, and immersion in a student-centered learning environment that are missing from the traditional public education system. The Summer School and Camp program helps students catch up to their grade level, learn to read or write, practice English and improve basic math skills. We also emphasize personal growth and development, providing exposure to arts & crafts, sports, music, dance, interactive games, and science experiments. Local field trips are a regular part of the curriculum, allowing students to learn about their culture and community first-hand.

Summer camp volunteers work as teacher trainers (professional development coaches), classroom assistants, and class instructors. All classes, except for English, are taught in Spanish, so a firm grasp of the Spanish language is required. Please see our FAQs and Testimonials for more information.


June 28 to July 31, 2020 (5 weeks)
Volunteers must commit to the full term.

Deadline to Apply

April 30, 2020


  • Intermediate to advanced Spanish skills are required, and native speakers are encouraged to apply.

  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old at the start of the program.

  • Must have experience teaching or working with children.

  • Must complete a background check.


$1,950 per volunteer

Cost includes orientation week, field trips, housing, 3 meals a day during the work week (Sunday dinner though Friday lunch), drinking water, pick up/drop off from the Puerto Plata airport (up to 48 hours before the start of camp and 48 hours after the end of camp), oversight, and program costs. This fee is waived for experienced certified teachers. Certified teachers with less than 3 years experience may apply for a half-fee waiver.  Please note this fee does not include airfare, health insurance or Dominican Immigration fees, such as entrance fee of US$10 and exit fees for stays over 30 days.


Click here to apply online.

Questions? Email us.

All applications must be completed in full. Letters of recommendation can be sent separately or included in the application. Send letters to 13 Winter Lane, Milton, VT 05468 or by email to

Former Volunteers: If you are a former summer or yearlong DREAM volunteer, to reapply, please follow the same application procedure and include an updated resume. We will use your recommendation letters already on file. The application fee is waived for those who have previously volunteered for a summer or year with DREAM, and the program fee is reduced by half.

Certified Teachers: One of the goals of the Summer School and Camp is to offer local teachers from DREAM-sponsored public schools access to quality professional development. We actively seek trained professionals with at least three years of teaching experience and fluency in Spanish to volunteer this summer as teacher trainers in the content areas of math and literacy.

If you are a certified teacher with three or more years of teaching experience, you can apply as a Certified Teacher. To apply, be sure to include your certifications and resume with the application above. The $40 application fee is waived for certified teachers. The program fee is waived or reduced for experienced, certified teachers.

If you were a former teacher with the DREAM Project, please follow the same application procedure, and include an updated resume and we will use your recommendation letters already on file. Please include a letter on why you would like to return and what you hope to achieve during the program.