Yanil Muñoz

Volunteer Coordinator

Yanil is a Dominican-American who recently graduated from the University of South Florida in 2015. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Communication, focusing on Public Advocacy and Women’s Studies. Yanil’s passion has always been giving back to the community and helping those who do not have access to necessary resources. In congruence with her field of study, her extracurricular involvement has been related to the empowerment of women and children. Through different organizations within the University of South Florida, Yanil had the opportunity to serve as a mentor to students, work with refugees and immigrants, volunteer at local domestic violence shelters, and organize school-wide initiatives to promote education and diversity. In all of her efforts, she aims to inspire individuals to exceed their expectations and realize their true potential. This year, Yanil will be assisting DREAM with its Social Media outreach, and working with the Young-Stars At Risk Youth program to teach leadership development in classrooms.