Yearlong 2019-20 Pre-departure Link

Please fill out these forms and return them to the US office via fax (815-550-1727) or email (scanned and sent to or mail (13 Winter Lane, Milton, VT 05468) by May 30th. Be sure to include copies of your passport, birth certificate and health insurance card with your forms.

Medical Form

Release of Liability

Reasons for Dismissal

Arrival Form

Volunteer Info Sheet

Forms Checklist (To verify you have provided all necessary materials)


The program fee should be paid in full by August 21st at the latest. Checks can be made out to the DREAM Project and sent to 13 Winter Lane, Milton, VT 05468. Payments can be made here online as well. This payment can also be made in installments over the course of the year, but this will result in a higher fee. Not applicable to Dominican Heritage Fellows or PiLA Fellows.


We require all year-long volunteers to obtain international health insurance. Please let us know if this is a problem. Insurance can be secured at relatively low prices, depending on how high a deductible you would prefer. DREAM recommends IMG, and you can visit the following site to retrieve a quote: Please see the Volunteer Resource Guide for more information. There are also local plans available in the DR.


Visit to learn more about what the year will entail, or print/read over the hand outs below before your departure for the DR. Please print and bring a copy of the Volunteer Handbook down with you.

Volunteer Handbook 2018-2019 (includes a packing list, local guide and FAQs)
 *Updated April 1, 2019

Letter to Parents

Culture Shock

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You may find the following documents helpful when raising funds to cover your volunteer fee or collecting summer camp supply donations.


Letter for customs or airlines – To show you are bringing DREAM supplies in your luggage (Make sure to edit this to include your name in both the Spanish and English versions, and the date.)

Letter for collecting supplies

IRS Tax Determination Letter


Tourist Card

The Tourist Card is an entry fee charged by the Dominican Republic for those who visit the country for tourism purposes. It can be obtained directly upon arrival in the airport for $10 USD or Euros with presentation of a valid passport. The tourist card is valid for a stay of 30 days in the country.

Any visitor who has stayed in the country longer than 30 days (including 31 days) must pay the departure tax at the airport when they leave the country. Your passport will be reviewed by customs officials according to last entry into the country, you will be directed to a separate line to pay the appropriate taxes based on length of overstay, and should receive a receipt for your payment. The current overstay fees are as follows. Note that the timeframe below indicates how many days and months one has stayed past the allowed 30 days.

1 day to 3 months – 2,500 pesos
3 to 9 months – 4,000 pesos
9 months to 1 year – 5,000 pesos
1 to 1.5 years – 6,500 pesos
1.5 to 2 years – 8,000 pesos
2 to 2.5 years – 9,500 pesos
2.5 to 3 years – 11,000 pesos
3 to 4 years – 16,000 pesos
4 to 5 years – 20,000 pesos

After 5 years and 11 months, the visitor must pay 11,000 pesos for each additional year in the country. The conversion rate in USD is calculated using the current daily rate from the Banco del Reservas. Yearlong volunteers will need to be prepared to pay departure tax at any point when they leave the country past a 30 day window, including for winter vacation and the end of their service. Payment of the departure tax is the responsibility of the volunteer and is not covered by DREAM Project. The total departure tax paid by any one volunteer will depend on how frequently they leave the country and how long they stay in the country between departures. Volunteers are encouraged to take these costs into consideration when planning their budget. Volunteers should note that costs associated with the departure tax are comparable to processing fees for visas in other countries.  The majority of yearlong volunteers at DREAM choose to purchase the tourist card and pay the departure tax at each entry into and exit from the country.

Additional Options

If the volunteer would like to investigate other visa options, such as a business visa (which is valid for one year and allows one entry) or a business visa for employment purposes (which is valid for one year and allows multiple entries), more information can be found at the following website (for U.S. citizens):

Please note that volunteers are responsible for all costs incurred when applying for a visa if they choose to pursue this option. Upon request by the volunteer, DREAM will be able to provide a letter of invitation as required by the consulate. Please also note that the business visa does not necessarily exonerate one from paying departure taxes when leaving the country. For more information, please contact the relevant consulate officials in the United States or your country of origin: