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 Summer Camp 2018 (Full 5 Weeks: July 1-August 3) 
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Select the term for which you are applying to volunteer. If you are applying for the Academic Year as well, please complete the Academic Year Volunteer Application at
Availability: Please list any dates that you will not be available during this term and explain why.
Volunteer positions are full-time and volunteers will be expected to work 40 hours a week. Any time off other than given holidays will require advance notification and authorization.

Volunteer Placement Preference (Summer Camp)
 Camp Counselor 
 Certified Teacher (PD Coach) 

Please list job-­related licenses or certificates such as nursing, CPR, and skilled trades. If you are or will be a certified teacher, please note which subject and grade level. Please submit copies of your certifications if possible.


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1). Why are you interested in volunteering with The DREAM Project? (Please include how your interest in working with the organization relates to your past experiences and future goals.)

2) Please give a specific example of a significant experience that illustrates your ability to work independently and adapt to difficult or challenging circumstances. Include an explanation of the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

3) The following questions are case study questions regarding situations that volunteers and employees have regularly confronted while living and working in the DREAM community. Please respond to both questions and describe what you would do in each situation.

a) One of your students uses a racial slur against another student. This interaction happens in front of other students. How do you address the situation, both with the class and the students directly involved?

b) Your home in the local community is close to the homes of many of your students and their families. There have been multiple instances when you have come home exhausted from work and your students knock on your door and want to visit your home. In addition, the parents of these same students have asked you for money on several occasions. How do you address the situation in a culturally sensitive manner? How do you manage the situation differently with the students than with the parents?

For Certified Teachers Only:

4) DREAM advocates for child-centered learning that is fun. We look for learning games that keep students excited and engaged but also teach them basic skills. Please include a lesson plan for a 50 minute class of your choice (reading, writing, math, English).

Letters of Recommendation

Please include with this application two letters of recommendation from people who
have known you for at least one year, including one from a past employer or professor. The application will not be reviewed unless we have received all letters. Letters may also be sent separately, but must be received by the deadline.
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The DREAM Project will not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

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