Volunteer for the Dream Project

Addressing the most challenging issues in high poverty communities requires significant time, energy, and resources. In developing countries around the world, many volunteer efforts are full of good intentions but fail to achieve long-term, sustainable change. In order to achieve positive results, awareness of community needs, collaboration with local partners, and cultural awareness and sensitivity is key.

Our Solution

DREAM believes in the power of matching committed volunteers with knowledgeable community members to create sustainable change. We provide structured volunteer experiences that address community-identified needs while respecting local culture. International and local volunteers make meaningful contributions to our communities on a daily basis, and DREAM provides the follow-up to ensure that these contributions last over the long-term. All volunteers engage in community projects side by side with local community members, staff, and students. Volunteers dedicate anywhere from a few hours to a full year of service, contributing to established DREAM projects or fulfilling current needs based on their skills, abilities, and interests. At the heart and soul of DREAM, you will find a volunteer!


Yearlong Fellowship Program

The goal of the yearlong program is to bridge a Volunteer and Internship Program. Our yearlong interns engage in experiential learning and develop concrete professional skills that can help them better market themselves in their careers. These fellows dedicate their time and talents to DREAM’s mission while also developing cross-cultural and professional skills. Fellows receive intensive orientation, training, and professional development. The yearlong program offers two tracks: Education Development Fellows, for candidates who are experienced teachers or committed to classroom teaching, and Program Development Fellows, for candidates who are interested in learning about program management and the inner workings of a non-profit.

Summer Camp Volunteer Program


Each year, DREAM recruits up to 50 volunteers from around the world to work in our annual Summer School and Camp program. Volunteers receive a full week of orientation before collaborating with local Dominican teachers and volunteers to lead the 4-week educational summer program for primary school youth. Volunteers are immersed in local communities and work on cross-cultural teams to facilitate an intensive educational experience that allows primary school students to catch up to their grade level, learn to read or write, practice English and improve basic math skills. We also emphasize personal growth and development, providing exposure to arts & crafts, sports, music, dance, interactive games, and science experiments. Summer camp volunteers work as teacher trainers (professional development coaches), classroom assistants, and class instructors.

Local and Short-Term Volunteers

Some of our most valuable volunteers live and work right in Cabarete. Whether you’re an expat or a local Dominican living in the community, you can contribute to DREAM’s programs. We also welcome short-term volunteers who desire a service opportunity as part of a shorter visit to the area. Local and short-term volunteers have the flexibility to develop a personalized schedule that is based on current program needs. Past local and short-term volunteers have served as classroom assistants, dance and music teachers, English conversation partners, assistant librarians, photographers, support staff at special events, and more!